Psychological Help
for Veterans and Their Families

   • PTSD
   • Depression
   • Anxiety
   • Trauma
   • Family Issues

Welcome Home Vets creates a healing community where veterans, active duty military and their families feel understood and valued.  We provide resources to support healing of the individual, family and community. The healing of one benefits all.

Welcome Home Vets creates and sustains a healing community that supports and nurtures veterans, active duty military personnel, and their families.

Welcome Home Vets seeks to remove any financial impediment for those who choose to receive psychological services locally within a continuum of care: individual, group, family and peer-based services.

Welcome Home Vets contracts with local providers of psychological services who are competent in both psychotherapy and military culture to provide individual, group, family and peer-based services.  Welcome Home Vets also provides advocacy for veterans and their families, and works to increase community awareness of the problem of military-related psychological trauma and its effects on the veteran, the family and the community.