About Welcome Home Vets

Helping Veterans and Their Families

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Welcome Home Vets is a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation founded to help veterans, active duty military, and their families connect with local mental health providers and other veteran related resources.

Our primary function is to get veterans and family members of all service eras counseling at no out-of-pocket cost to them—they have already paid the price.

We also promote community awareness of the effects of post-traumatic stress and other military-related psychological conditions on the veteran, family members, and community.

Because the needs of veterans and their families are multifaceted, we also provide referrals to community resources for a range of needs.  Whether it's finding transportation for a disabled veteran, lining up a Color Guard for a special event, locating emergency food or housing, or enlisting a military bagpiper for a memorial service, Welcome Home Vets always conducts referrals with a "warm hand off" which includes follow-up calls to ensure that the agency, organization or individual is right for the client.

Mission Statement

Welcome Home Vets' mission is to establish psychological services, education, referral and advocacy for veterans, active duty military members, and their families whose needs are not met by existing services, and to do so at no cost to them. We will also provide education for the community on military-related psychological trauma.

Vision Statement

Welcome Home Vets, in our vision for the future, will be recognized as the primary organization in our local community to engage professional and compassionate mental health professionals with veterans and their families in an environment where they know they are understood and appreciated. Participating veterans will have received support for recovery, opportunities for increased functionality, and more complete integration into the community and their families.

Veterans' family members will have developed a better understanding of the veteran's behavior and will have developed new ways to relate to one another. This will free them to find more satisfaction in their lives and inspire them with greater hope for the future.

The overall fabric of our community will have been strengthened. Welcome Home Vets will be recognized as a major contributor to a strong, healthy and supportive community.

We need your donations to help us continue our work!